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A powerful prohormone product SD-Matrix is known for its ability to cause dramatic increases in body mass, muscle size and strength in a remarkably short period of time, typically 1 to 2 weeks. Generally, most users will gain 10-20lbs in a single cycle and quite typically increase major muscle exercise weights by around 25-35%

Generation SD-Matrix is in the group of prohormones categorised by the term 'watery gains'. This means that the bodyweight gain will tend to have a less hard, defined look, and more of a bulky, solid look to it. Typically this type of product is used when an athlete wants to gain considerable muscle mass and strength in a very rapid time frame.

As with all PH's of this type, they carry the side effects associated with a methylated compound and require careful use of liver protection. Following such a cycle, good PCT is also required.

To make your use of SD-Matrix as effective as possible, we have put a selection of support products and related products, as well as a selection of kits and stacks together on our site to give everyone from the first time user right through to the advanced user both great savings and informed options.

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About Generation Labs SD Matrix

Generation SD Matrix follows on from a line of the hugely popular methylated products known for delivering monstrous gains in weight and awesome strength increases in only a few weeks. Its not unusual for people to report 10-20lbs of mass gain during the use of SD-Matrix, and to increase strength by 10-20%.

For best results increase protein intake by at least 100g and carbohydrates by 150+g per day during use. Drink at least 1 litre of water above your normal level.

SD Matrix is a pro hormone and as such should only be used by mature males over the age of 21 who have a good understanding of the nature of this type of product. It is a methyl based product and should be taken for no more than 2 weeks at a time, followed by 4 weeks of PCT products.

Because these types of products may increase the workload on the liver you should take a high dosage of milk thistle during use of SD Matrix and for 2 weeks after use which may mitigate against its actions. During use, do not drink alcohol. Do not use whilst taking any form of medication.

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How to Use Generation Labs SD Matrix

To gauge your tolerance and reaction to SD Matrix, it is generally recommended  that your first cycle be no longer than 2 weeks and at a level of 1 capsule per day. This should be complemented with 3 capsules of Milk Thistle per day during the 2 week cycle and 3 capsules per day for 2 weeks following the cycle. Should you notice any side effects, you should discontinue use.

For experienced users of this PH product, the general recommendation is

Days 1-14
SD Matrix 1 cap in morning and 1 cap in evening
1x Milk Thistle 3 times daily

Days 15-28
Esto Supress 1 cap in morning and 1 cap in evening
Androbolix 2 caps in morning and 2 caps in evening

Days 29-42
Androbolix 2 caps in morning and 2 caps in evening

Your Comments About Generation Labs SD Matrix

Used SD matrix with milk thistle and critical mass for 4 weeks straight - used it twice before for 2 weeks so knew what I was doing - and made some serious gains

you price matched as promised and products arrived next day. Also spent the best part of 20 minutes giving me advice, so service is top notch. If the advice pays off, ill be back every time

On my third cycle, coming off tomorrow and doing 4 weeks of Anabolix. Used Esto supress through each cycle.

Ive not lost much between cycles, but only been off for 2 weeks between cycles.

With taking a 3 month break from PH's after this Im now going to load up on Taurotest, Androbolix 2000 and a good creatine to keep strength levels up. Kinda templted to throw in a thermogenic to keep bodyfat off.

Please give your own feedback and suggestions

Whats in Generation Labs SD Matrix

2a-7a-dimethyl-4-androstadiene-3-one-17b-0l (10mg)
brown rice
magnesium state

Please Note: We make every effort to keep this information accurate, however we can not guarantee that the product has not been changed since we documented the product. Consequently, do not base your decision to purchase on this. Please contact to confirm ingredients if this is a significant factor in your purchase.

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